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JACKY TSAI | 'Sanctuary Skull Lenticular' Launch
January 27th 2017
‘Sanctuary Skull Lenticular’ is our first limited edition in 2017 with Chinese artist Jacky Tsai. Read more about the new piece below.

If you have followed Jacky Tsai’s work over recent years may find his new Eyestorm edition, Sanctuary Skull Lenticular, familiar. This is because it was first used on his final playing card work, ‘Sanctuary Skull’ created in 2015, which saw the artist develop a suite of oversized playing cards which made up the suit of clubs, Ace through to King with Jokers.

2016 saw Tsai focus very much so on his Chinese landscape works such as screenprint editions The Erotic Dream of the Red Chamber and Pow Pow Pow, as he introduced iconic superhero characters from the East and the West to represent the different cultures he’s experienced in his life, through growing up in Shanghai and then moving to London in his early twenties. This style of work was also very much the subject of many original pieces such as lacquer carvings and porcelain works made for his two solo exhibitions in London and New York last year.

As the creator of fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s recognisable floral skull emblem, Tsai is constantly drawn to the skull as a symbolic image and frequently uses variations of it in his editioned work, such as Chinese Floral Skull (2015) and Soul Harvest (2012). After a year with no skull works, he felt it was time to visit this subject again in 2017, and so came Sanctuary Skull Lenticular, which we’re presenting today.

At an interview at Christie’s Auction house in London in 2015, the artist expressed that he believed the Sanctuary Skull to be his strongest skull image to date. In the piece, imagery relating to religion such as Eastern temples and Western churches and cathedrals, as well as religious characters such as cherubs, have been brought together in Tsai’s signature collage style to create the overall image of a skull.

With so much detail and potential for development, Tsai felt he hadn’t finished with this piece yet, and therefore decided to revisit it for his most recent edition. The detail in this image really is exceptional, and wishing to explore this to the full extent, Tsai decided that transforming it into a lenticular piece was a fantastic solution. Working with a team of 3D lenticular developers in London, Tsai’s image was broken down into layers and presented as a digital file, which was then changed accordingly until it was exactly as Tsai intended.

Tsai is always looking for ways to develop his work, and so for the new Sanctuary Skull Lenticular he has introduced elements of colour to emphasize the stained glass window in the nose area and some detail in the eyes, the teeth and the top of the head, which gradually change as the viewer moves around the piece. He has also introduced movement in limbs of some of the characters, which works with the 3D appearance and changing colours; this is a subtle element and is probably something that’s only noticed once the piece has been viewed for some time - something Tsai is very much a fan of.

Overall, Sanctuary Skull Lenticular is an enchanting work that will literally stop you in your tracks - as seen recently at The London Art Fair, where passersby rarely walked past the piece without stopping to look. Certainly a piece with a talking point and a story, this is a must see for all Jacky Tsai fans out there.

In an edition of 33, Sanctuary Skull Lenticular is currently at the launch price of £6300.00. See the piece online here, along with other available work by Jacky Tsai, or if you would like to come and view it in person, please contact us at to arrange an appointment.
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