Lucie Bennett has established herself as one of Eyestorm’s most celebrated and collected artists of the last decade, gaining her a huge following of admirers. Her signature style - an agile line delivered with confidence and economy - is executed through quality, limited edition screenprints and meticulously-created high gloss metallic original paintings.

  She first came into the limelight back in 2004 when her work featured in the first British series of The Apprentice where the contestants hosted a solo show of her paintings in London’s most established gallery row, Cork Street. Since then her work has continuously drawn worldwide interest from new potential art buyers and established collectors alike.  

Eyestorm first began publishing prints with Lucie Bennett in 2005, offering 12 female form-inspired works including best-selling Red Felt Tip Girl, Green Felt Tip Girl, Pink Knickers and Rose-Coloured Shoes, which were all published in editions of 95. These four editions are now sold out in their entirety and regularly appear on the secondary market for around the £2000 mark (more for artist's proofs), which is over six times the price they were originally sold at. Other sold-out editions include her two Giclee prints from 2008: Tangerine Pants and Red Satin Pants, which were originally launched at £350 each and now trade for around £1800.

This solid sales history is consistent with Bennett’s more recent works, some of which are nearing the end of their editions on the primary market. Last year Bennett created Fuchsia Pants and Red Silk Knickers, which are exclusively sold by Eyestorm. These works have boasted some of the highest prices ever achieved for her Giclee prints, and in the fastest selling time. Red Silk Knickers raised £3000 in a charity auction for ‘Save The Children’ in March 2012 at Camden’s Roundhouse which was hosted by Helena Bonham Carter and attended by Samantha Cameron. The piece was bought at the auction by the Vice-chairman of Warner records and as a result of its raised profile, the edition is now sold out.


'Red Felt Tip Girl', 2005

Edition of 95
Screenprint on Somerset satin paper.

Only available in the secondary market. POA.


Aside from the popularity of Bennett’s Giclee prints, which are made from digitally-created imagery, there is an increasing demand for original screenprints by the artist. Made from scratch by pulling ink through screens in layers to dictate lines drawn by Bennett's hand, screenprinting exhibits a high level of craftsmanship and technique. The four editions published by Eyestorm in October 2013 are Bennett's most recent screenprints and the playfully titled Ring-a-Zing-Zing and Electric Dreams feature bright hues of zinging orange and electric blue. Each existing in editions of 95, these works are currently still priced at under £1000 including VAT.

The two more exclusive of the four, Damson Fling and Racing Green have been made in editions of just 15. Each of these low-edition works boast high-gloss lines in complimenting jewel colours on a background of subtly pearlescent inks, giving a glorious impression of lustre and sheen and with such a low number of prints in each edition, the collector has the opportunity to be able retain a piece from the rarest and most coveted limited edition Bennett has created to date.


'Racing Green', 2013

Edition of 15
Screenprint with varnishes on Somerset 410 gsm paper.

£1,680 (incl vat)

These factors of rarity, gloss line and shimmering colour which make up Damson Fling and Racing Green set them firmly between Bennett’s original gloss-paint on aluminium paintings and her other limited editions. Such paintings are currently priced between £5000 and £8000, showing over a 500% price increase on her originals in the last 10 years (they sold for £1000 in 2003). It is wonderful therefore to present an intermediary print for the new buyer or collector to invest in, as Bennett’s paintings are not only in a higher price-bracket, but are harder to come by with only a few created a year.


'Magenta', 2012

Gloss on aluminium.

£5,400 (incl vat)

A great investment tip is to aim to secure a piece from a limited edition as soon after its release as possible. It is common practice with editioned work that there is an initial launch price or “pre-publication” price on the first few prints sold before the edition is subject to another two to three price increases before it sells out in its entirety. This pricing system raises the value of every print in the edition and sets the bar for secondary market trading to begin.

With only half the edition of Damson Fling and Racing Green left, prices will be increasing again shortly so now is the time to buy and simultaneously seize the opportunity to own a print from a low edition that is in a considerably lower price league to that of an original Bennett painting. Moreover, you will have invested in an artist whose work sits in prestigious public and private collections including the Groucho Club's permanent collection which also holds work by Gavin Turk, Marc Quinn, Gary Hume, Damien Hirst and Polly Morgan. With a strong sales history and consistent appreciation in the value of her artwork, Lucie Bennett comes to the fore as one of those artists whose work is an exciting and attractive asset to own.


'Ring-a-Zing-Zing', 2013

Edition of 75
Screenprint with varnishes on Somerset 410 gsm paper.

£600 (incl vat)